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Therapy Dog Certification

Good Job Dogs is approved to administer the Therapy Dog Exam as a Pawsibilities Unleashed Associate Trainer.  Dogs who pass the exam are invited to become volunteer therapy dog teams, certified and insured by Pawsibilities Unleashed.  Certified Therapy Dogs can be invited to visit hospitals, schools, retirement homes, and many other facilities where the unconditional love of a well-mannered dog is needed.

How can my dog and I become a Certified Therapy Team?

- You and your dog must enroll in and pass a 6 week class and included exams to become a Therapy Team in Training.  

- You must pay $50.00 each year for the required liability insurance and receive your dog's Therapy ID required for visiting facilities.

- After passing the class and included exams, you will complete 10 hours of volunteer Theapy Work that will be supervised by your instructor or another approved Pet Therapy mentor.  

- Once you and your dog have completed your 10 supervised hours, you are free to volunteer and shcedule visits on your own.  You will be required to submit a log of your visits every 6 months.  

- You must remain an active volunteer with at least 5 visits every 6 months to maintain your Therapy Team Certification.

For more information on Pawsibilities Unleashed's  Therapy program, please visit the Therapy page of their website.