Therapy Dogs

Good Job Dogs offers group and private training options for dog and handler designed to teach you the skills required to pass a therapy dog certification exam. Whether you are training a dog that you would like to volunteer with or are looking for a new dog for therapy work, we can help you.

Please visit our Dog Training page for upcoming class and enrollment info.

Kait of Good Jod Dogs is a recommended trainer, board member, and member of the evaluator committee for WAGS Pet Therapy of Kentucky. We encourage you to join WAGS today to begin your journey towards pet therapy work! Visit their website for more information about this great local pet therapy organization.

If you are interested in having a Resident Therapy Dog at your facility, please contact us for more information. 

What is a therapy dog?
Therapy dogs are specially trained, certified, and insured to do volunteer work with their handler.  Therapy teams visit a variety of facilities such as Hospitals, Retirement Homes, Schools, Group Homes, and anywhere the love and kindness of a well-mannered dog is needed. *A therapy dog is still a pet and is not a Service Dog.