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Service Dog Program Testing and Program Certification

Having a Program Certified Service Dog is a wonderful thing.  It ensures that your Service Dog can behave and perform their tasks in public at the standards set by the ADA and the program you trained with.  This helps the public to develop understanding, respect, and appreciation for the legitimate Service Dogs working in our communities.

To become a Program Certified Service Dog Team recognized and supported by the Good Job Dogs Service Dog Program, candidates must take and pass three exams with our trainer:
        1. The American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen exam (CGC)
        2. The American Kennel Club's Community Canine exam (CGCA) - Canine Good Citizen, Advanced
        3. the Service Dog Public Access Exam

Each exam demonstrates the dog's ability to work at increasing degrees of difficulty to ensure that they are able to behave approprietly and perform their specially trained tasks in public.  For more information on the material covered in the AKC exams, please follow the links above.

If you would like more information regarding the Public Access Exam - the final program certification exam for working Service Dogs in our program - please contact us for more information.  This exam will not be administered until the dog has passed both the CGC and CGCA/CGCU as listed above.