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Service Dog Training Workshop

When it is time for you to start working with your new Service Dog, you are required to complete a 1-2 week workshop with a trainer.  During this workshop, you will be meeting your dog - often for the first time - and learning all about your new life together.  You will learn about training manners, obedience, and task work with your dog, Service Dog law, animal care, public access, and all the other aspects of becoming a Service Dog Team.  Lessons may take place in a classroom setting, at a training facility, or out in real world settings.  The details of each workshop are determined on an individual basis. 

Your trainer will accompany you and your dog as you get accustomed to navigating your world together, generalizing your dog's skills to a new handler and family along the way.  Do not fear your first grocery store trip or even your first day of college with your Service Dog.  We can be there to coach you through it.  Even after your workshop ends, your trainer is still on call, armed with real-life knowledge about you and your dog and ready to help when needed.

We are also pleased to offer troubleshooting and brush-up workshops for teams that have already been working together and just want to polish their skills or have specific questions they would like to address.  Whether you trained your dog yourself or just want to review with a trainer, we are happy to help.

Workshops can take place in Louisville, Kentucky or we can deliver your dog to you and hold your workshop on your home turf.

If you choose to have your dog delivered, a trainer will transport them to you and conduct your workshop in the comfort of your own home and community.  You can learn about your dog as you integrate them into your home and family under the watchful eye of a professional trainer who is there to address questions, concerns, and surprises along the way.

Delivery and workshops are available anywhere in the United States and in some countries Internationally. Please contact us for more information.