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Public Access

Public Access Practice
Once you and your dog are ready, it is time to start working in public settings like grocery stores and restaurants. Service Dogs are specially trained to do certain tasks for their handlers.  However, there is more to training a Service Dog than teaching them their special skills.  They need to be well mannered as well as perform their special skills in public.  These very special dogs need to be able to navigate the grocery store, college campus, hospital, mall, a restaurant, or even a movie theater while focusing on their handler and the task at hand.  This can present special challenges that most dog owners would never even consider.  Good Job Dogs specializes in dogs that work in public and would be happy to help you.  Our trainer will accompany you to a location determined by you and/or the trainer based on the needs of the dog and handler to practice and generalize their skills to new environments. 

**Before scheduling a public access outing, your trainer must determine that you and your dog are ready to work in public.  A temperament test, skills test, and behavior evaluation may be necessary prior to beginning public access work.