The Resident Animals

We rely heavily on our personal animals - three dogs and two cats - to help our dogs in training learn how to live in a home with other animals. We couldn't do our work without them. Just like all of our career candidates, they have their own rescue stories. Meet our resident animals and training assistants!

Meet Grace. Now retired, she was my first working therapy and service dog. She earned her therapy dog certification in 2008 and has contributed hundreds of hours of love and support to those in need over the years. She walked across the United States with us and is now the "house mom" and a mentor to our dogs in training.

Adopted in: 2007
From: Camelot Puppy Sanctuary in McArthur, Ohio
DOB: 2002
Breed: Unknown. Best guess - Lab/Cattle Dog mix
Likes: walks, stuffed animals, children, napping.

Grace's adoption story:
She was found living under an abandoned house with a litter of 9 puppies and was brought to rescue. All of her puppies were adopted and she found her forever home with us 3 years later after being adopted and returned three times. She must have been waiting for us.

Meet Max. Max became a therapy dog in 2011 and helped share the healing power of animals on our walk across America. He helps us as a service task demo dog, temperament and skills testing, and is a benevolent big brother to our dogs in training. He is ready for everything and his favorite activity is a roadtrip to somewhere new.

Adopted in: 2007
From: Camelot Puppy Sanctuary in McArthur, Ohio
DOB: 2008
Breed: Unknown. Best guess - Spaniel mix
Likes: walking forever, leashes, fetch, road trips, people.

Max's adoption story:
Max was found in a rural high-volume kill shelter on death row. Despite being a wonderful dog, he had been scheduled for euthanasia. There simply wasn't enough room and he had not been adopted within the week allowed. With barely 30 minutes to spare, he was scooped up and taken to Camelot. John met and adopted him about a month later.

This is Jenny. She is an active medical alert service dog and a key member of our Good Job Dogs team. She helps us with our temperament testing, skills testing, education programs, workshops, and support team for our dogs in training. She started her career in therapy work, but quickly transitioned to full-time service and demo work in 2013 when she made it clear that this is what she wanted to do. She is always alert, engaged, and ready to go. If we're going, chances are she is going too. And she likes it that way.

Adopted in: 2012
From: the side of Hwy 2 in Southern, Iowa
DOB: 2011
Breed: Unknown. Best guess - Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix
Likes: Mom, dog friends, work, road trips, hiking, agility

Jenny's adoption story:
Jenny joined us on our way through Iowa while we were walking across the US. This sweet skinny little thing was full of bugs and covered in fleas, ticks, and scabs. Despite her condition, ahe said hello and happily followed us down the road. When we got her to the vet, they told us she may not have lasted another week. We contacted all necessary authorities in search of an owner and left contact info, but we never heard a word. After 5 months and 1,800 miles together, she was ours.

Morty and Ricki are the resident dog-savvy felines. They help our dogs in training learn how to politely share space and interact with other kinds of animals. Both of them are new to our house this year, but they have already made themselves indispensable. Morty is the low key big-brother and Ricki is the classic trouble-making kitten with a heart of gold. Both are very social and may even have a future as therapy cats.

Adopted in: 2016
From: Morty from The Kentucky Humane Society, Ricki through
DOB: 2014 and 2016.

Adoption story - Morty came from KHS's Main Campus and found Ricki available for adoption at Poe's Pet Depot. We needed a cat or two, they were great with dogs and needed homes. They have both been great picks!