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Dog-Friendly Consulting

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If there is one thing we believe at Good Job Dogs, it is that dogs make the world a better place.  We love our dogs, but there are some aspects of our lives that they cannot be a part of.  Or so you thought.

We believe that well mannered dogs can play an important role in society and some dogs may not have to be left out while their people work all day, go out with friends, travel, or even select an apartment or living situation. 

Many medical and education facilities have known for some time now that dogs are good for people.  Dogs lower blood pressure, reduce stress, speed healing, improve morale, encourage collaboration and cooperation, and offer a much needed break - even for just a moment - from the daily grind.  Recently, businesses have started inviting their employees to bring their (well mannered) dogs to work with them. Companies such as Google, Bissell, Amazon, Etsy, and Clif Bar already have dog-friendly offices in some locations with great success and more companies are "going to the dogs" every year. Apartment buildings are adopting policies that include our furry family members and some are even designing their grounds to include on-site dog parks and washing stations. More hotels are allowing pets to travel with their owners while dog-friendly patios and activities are expanding every day. Why not your company too?

Dog-friendly offices report decreased staff turnover, better inter-office cooperation, higher productivity, increased employee attendance, better problem solving skills, higher creativity, and overall improvement in office mood and culture. Hotels, shops, and attractions see increased traffic, bookings, and revenue, and dog-friendly housing is in demand like never before. 

Good Job Dogs understands that there is a lot to consider when inviting dogs to your establishment or office.  As canine professionals who specialize in dogs that work in public, we will ensure that the dog-friendly transition takes place in a safe, controlled manner with special considerations for those who prefer a quiet, low-distraction environment free of the concerns that come with dog-friendly spaces. We will build a custom, comprehensive program designed to establish and implement policy, outline behavior standards, and prepare the setting and staff for their new members and residents. 

Dog-friendly Consulting and Conversion programs are available nationwide.  Please contact us for more information.

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