Good Job, Dogs!

Over the years, we have gotten to work with many wonderful dogs and help them on their way home. We would love to introduce you to a few of them!

Lilly - Service Dog
Chihuahua mix

Lilly - originally Nike - was surrendered with her brother by a family who could no longer care for them. She was wonderful with children and other dogs and had a real willingness to learn. She also loved scent and search work, learning new things, and cuddling. She is now working as a PTSD Service Dog in Ohio.

Willie Nelson - pet dog
wire hair terrier mix

His name was Max when we met him. He was adopted as a puppy by a couple of college kids who gave him to a young family who wanted for a dog. However, they quickly realized that a dog without a yard and two small children was more work than they had bargained for. They needed to find Max a new home. When I heard about him and saw his picture, I decided to meet him. He was incredible with the children in the home, easy going, and friendly. He also did beautifully meeting Jenny. We took him home and saw that he had the ability to help people as a service dog or a therapy dog. When am family caontacted me looking for a new dog after losing their senior, I couldn't deny this guy a great home. Off he went to a lovely family in Ohio. He is doing beautifully and they hope to do therapy work with him in the future.

Bodie - Service Dog
German Shepherd/Poodle mix

Bodie was rescued from a puppy mill situation and specially selected for a career helping a young boy. It was clear right away that he was highly intelligent and his every move would need to be guided. He was going to do things one way or another - we needed to be there to help him do the right things. He was a quick study and learned his foundation and task skills easily. He loved to work and particularly enjoyed the activity of working in public. Even at a young age, he was always alert, tuned in to his handler, and grounded. He is now a service dog in New Jersey.

JaNess - Service Dog
Plott Hound mix

JaNess was a stray that showed up at the farm of one of our rescue partners. They immediately recognized her potential and recommended her to me while I was working on a case that needed the right candidate. She proved to be a great fit and fell in love with her work. She desperately wanted to bond and work with someone - a human of her very own - and it was love at first sight when she was placed as a service dog. She is now working for a student in Indiana.

Matty - pet dog
Unknown mix (Basenji?)

Matty came to us from a rescue partner that was having trouble placing him. He was having difficulty fitting in with the other dogs at the sanctuary and his curious will-do attitude was getting him into trouble. Thinking he might want a job to do, we brought him in to see what he was all about. We quickly realized that though he was very bright, he wasn't a natural team player and had his own ideas about what he wanted to do. Seeing that he was too independent to be a good service or therapy candidate, we placed him as a pet. He couldn't be happier.

Allie - Skilled Companion
Doberman mix

Allie came to us when her owner was no longer able to care for her. She was an only dog at home, but had made friends with the many other rodent and feline friends that she lived with. She also loved children. She was a bit anxious, but took directions beautifully and seemed to enjoy working and going out in the world. She was very human-oriented and clearly wanted to bond and work with someone. Over time, we saw she was never able to comfortable settle into
work and keep her mind on the job. Service work was not for her, but we still wanted to channel her love of people and will to serve. She is now working as a skilled companion giving love, support, and assistance to her family here in Kentucky.

Sammy - Service Dog, pet dog
Fox Terrier mix

Sammy was found as a stray with a litter of puppies. After the puppies were adopted, she was sent to a foster who saw something special in her. When she contacted me about her, I immediately saw her potential as well and brought her home. She had a special sensitivity to children and people in emotional distress. She was also very reliable in public and a joy to work with. Unfortunately, the person she was selected for was unable to keep her due to unforseen circumstances. When I was contacted by a family with four small children looking for their first dog, I knew that Sammy was the perfect fit. Today, her name is Ruby and she is a loved household pet in New York.

English Shepherd

Zoey was surrendered to one of our rescue partners for unknown reasons. I was looking for a dog that was capable of doing both service and therapy work - a tall order - and I loved her enthusiastic and very gentle demeanor. She was wonderful with other dogs, cats, horses, and absolutely incredible with children. She was the world's best friend, but very focused, calm, and obedient in public. Unless she unexpectedly say another dog. We quickly washed her out when it became clear that we were spending more time on behavior modification than service dog training. A city full of dogs waiting around every corner was more than she could handle. However, we knew she would make a fantastic pet in the right environment. Today, she is a loved family pet in rural New York. She went home with my parents and I couldn't be happier.

Beagle mix

Sam, his sister Rosie, and the rest of their litter mates were found under a barn in rural Kentucky. A lovely family who wanted puppies for their kids decided to adopt them both. Unfortunately, over several months it became clear that a family member was horribly allergic to dogs. The puppies needed a new home. I was looking for a very special dog for a case at the time and really liked Sam. He was sweet, low key, very patient and reliable with children, and did beautifully when I tested him with Jenny. He turned out to be exactly the dog I was looking for. He was placed as a therapy and service dog and works at an inner-city middle school here in Kentucky.

Rosie - Service Dog
Beagle/Dachshund mix

We brought Rosie home with her brother Sam when they were given up by a family struggling with severe dog allergies. Though I didn't have a home in mind for her, it was clear that she was ready to work. She loved to retrieve, snuggle, learn, and go out to practice her skills in public. Whatever we were doing, she wanted to be part of it. But she also knew how to relax and take it easy. She was so intuitive and great at matching the mood. When I received an inquiry for a service dog to work in a college setting, I knew she was going to be a great fit. She is now working as a service dog at a University in Tennessee.