About Us

Our mission is to foster to human and canine relationships through teaching and practicing humane, science based training and handling methods.

We specialize in finding the best canine candidates in shelters and rescue organizations and teaching them the necessary skills to help people in need as Therapy Dogs, Service Dogs, and other types of working dogs. We use positive training methods to build a working partnership based on trust and understanding between dog and handler.

Why Do We Use Rescue Dogs?
We work with our network of animal rescue and welfare organizations to find bright and talented dogs who are looking for a chance to put their skills to work. Shelters care for dogs of many breeds, sizes, and temperaments, allowing us to select the perfect dog for the task at hand. Selecting, training, and placing rescued animals is a cost-effective and socially responsible strategy to help make the world a better place for animals and the humans they care for.

Dogs that are accepted into our program are brought home to live with our trainer full-time.
While our dogs in training are with us, we have the opportunity to learn about their likes, dislikes, talents, and learning style. When they are accepted into the program, they are fully vetted, altered, micro chipped, and started in monthly parasite medication. At our trainer's home, they learn to live and share space with other dogs, cats, and humans.
We work on manners and obedience, crate training, house training, and social skills. They go on walks, meet other dogs, visit new places, meet new people, go on road trips, attend group classes, and are evaluated by a professional trainer throughout all of their new experiences. They are supported and guided by our three house dogs and dog-savvy cats.